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December 2016

FFRF’s Vets Day ad runs in USA Today · It pays to complain: By Dianne Centa · Partisan politicking draws complaints · FFRF files amicus brief over broadcast pregame prayers · Nonbelief Relief gives $20K to Doctors Without Borders · FFRF abortion ad runs in Little Rock paper · FFRF’s case against Congress enters new stage · Wisconsin city gets tutored on basics of U.S. Constitution · Albuquerque features well-timed billboard · FFRF state/church victories · Sheriff fixes issue · FFRF ensures religion-free public school graduation · Police oath, code changed · Georgia school district scraps bible class · Coach ceases pregame prayer · Religious study - Believers understand the world less · ‘IM GOD’ plate denial gives FFRF license to sue · FFRF gets Ohio village to change seal · What the election means for state/church separation: By Hemant Mehta · Sharing the crank mail · FFRF convention speech: The founding of The Clergy Project: By Linda LaScola · FFRF’s inaugural Forward Award - Even after deadly attack, the fight continues: Rafida Bonya Ahmed · FFRF Atheist in Foxhole Courage Award - Thou shalt not defy the First Amendment: Marie Schaub · Freethinkers make their mark on elections · Religion trumps all in election: By PJ Slinger · Meet our volunteers: Karen Lee Weidig · Meet our volunteers: Judi Jacobs · Christians commandeered winter holiday: By RJ Turner · Following the star in the east: By Barbara G. Walker · In memoriam: Jack Maxey · Meet an intern: Molly Hanson · A message from FFRF: The only wall we need is between church and state - By Dan Barker and Annie Laurie Gaylor · Read more »

November 2016

FFRF awards $9,050: Grad student essay contest winners named · FFRF seeks summary judgment over church grants · FFRF voices concern: County plans for homeless center to be run by Catholic group · Why are the ‘Nones’ growing so quickly? · Link between religion and wealth based on education · FFRF analysis: Record 26 million ‘Nones’ could vote · FFRF helps get humanism into prison system · Grad essay honorable mentions: Religious pandering, politicking a travesty - By Ryan Collins · Grad student essay contest sixth place tie: Constitution offers equal protection for all - By Arielle Neal · Grad student essay contest sixth place tie: Mixing ice cream and manure - By Regina Riem · Grad student essay contest fifth place: The divided state of America - By Garrett Pekarek · Grad student essay contest fourth place: Religion and politics — a toxic cocktail - By Landon Poe · Grad student essay contest third place: When religion spreads hate - By Ashley Peralta · Grad student essay contest second place: Where God does not belong - By Charlotte Ljustina · Grad student essay contest first place: Identity politics and religious tests for candidates - By Stephanie Wise · Meet a staffer: Roger Daleiden · Thanks to donors, FFRF legal fellows begin second year · Cliff Richards Student Activist Award: Being an activist in Bangladesh can be deadly - By Muhammad Shohiduzzaman · Donate now to FFRF through CFC, AmazonSmile · Four honored for secular invocations · In memoriam - Joseph Chern, 1922-2016 · In memoriam - Irene Stephenson, 1923-2016 · In memoriam - Paul D. Fleischauer, 1968-2016 · Presidential politics: U.S. has long history of not electing atheists - By Leigh Eric Schmidt · Secular invocations: Jocelyn Williamson · Sharing the crank mail · Grad essay honorable mentions: Religion in government often disastrous - By Phillip Gauronskas · Grad essay honorable mentions: Presidency a test of faith or fitness? - By Jason Schloss · ‘Conflict of careers’: By Carter Warden: My journey from ministry to freethinking · Read more »

October 2016

College Essay Contest winners announced · FFRF state/church victories · Judge rules school’s non-live nativity OK · Ten Commandments mural covered by flag at school · Mt. Soledad cross case ends after 27 years · Is diversity making U.S. less religious?: By Daniel Cox · Nonbelief Relief aids bloggers, flood victims · Bangladeshi writer finds asylum in Canada: By PJ Slinger · Final call for FFRF convention · FFRF objects to university football team chaplaincies: By PJ Slinger · Speaking to a captive audience: By Dan Barker · In memoriam: Pat Brda · In memoriam: Dr. Frederick Jefferson Davis · Candidates pander to religion - By Annie Laurie Gaylor · Sharing the crank mail · College essay honorable mention: Questions are the cure for religion: By Jonathan Ortiz · College essay honorable mention: Stopped believing in Santa, then God: By Alexis Serra · College essay honorable mention: Comfortable lie doesn’t beat truth: By Aidan Sorge · College essay honorable mention: My faith was built on circular reasoning: By James Harder · College essay honorable mention: Choosing reason over religion: By Camille Kaiser · College essay honorable mention: Living by the Golden Rule: By Elizabeth Turovsky · College essay honorable mention: Embracing complexity of thought: By Manon van Mil · College essay honorable mention: Standing up for freethinking: By Fallon Rowe · College essay honorable mention: Empathetic skepticism: By Camille Sanchez · College essay honorable mention: Atheism, deep in the heart of Texas: By Savannah Flusche · College essay honorable mention: The reality of believing the imaginary: By Syd Gettier · College essay honorable mention: Loving despite Zombie Jesus: By William M. Gardner · College essay honorable mention: I’m an atheist at a Catholic university: By Cheyenne Barger · Sixth Place Tie 2016 Michael Hakeem Memorial College: Time to put away childish things: By Adrick Tench · Fifth Place Tie 2016 Michael Hakeem Memorial College: Education led to my deconversion: By Elias Rodriguez · Fifth Place Tie 2016 Michael Hakeem Memorial College: When it comes to beliefs, it’s a parent who decides: By Karl Yee · Fourth Place 2016 Michael Hakeem Memorial College: My wishes have changed for the better: By Leah Kennedy · Third Place 2016 Michael Hakeem Memorial College: Following the path of my moral compass: By Katherine Gramling · Second Place 2016 Michael Hakeem Memorial College: Arguments for God just not credible: By Alex Reamy · First place 2016 Michael Hakeem Memorial College: Cathedral flame grows dimmer by the day: By Adam Simmons · Christian foundation crumbles under scrutiny: By Paul Davis · Religious ‘nones’ may decide election: By James A. Haught · Meet a staffer: Timothy Nott · Meet a member: Bernard Barwick · The problem of voting in churches: By Senior Staff Attorney Rebecca Markert · Read more »

September 2016

Ingersoll statue restored by FFRF: By Leslie Renken · FFRF state/church victories · Police chief gets lessons in Constitution · FFRF state/church complaints · FFRF objects to sermonizing prof · FFRF state/church complaints · FFRF opposes Texas charter chain’s transgressions · Christian flag removed · FFRF suing Pennsylvania county over cross on seal · Court finds parent has legal standing · Join FFRF at the 2016 National Convention · Secular invocations: David Suhor · In memoriam: Wayne Hensler’s legacy writ large · In memoriam: Bill Teague carved first ‘Atheist in Foxhole’ monument · In memoriam: Cleo Kocol: Feminist atheist activist · Sharing the crank mail · College Honorable Mention: Are you there God? It’s me, skeptic by Alexandra Lewis · College Honorable Mention: Alone among my own people By Taylor Johnson · College Honorable Mention: Made with stardust, not a rib By Ana Almeida-Rojo · Sixth Place College Essay Contest for Students of Color winner: By Benjamin Duru · Fifth Place (tie) College Essay Contest for Students of Color winner: By Kamerin Winston · Fifth Place (tie) College Essay Contest for Students of Color winner: By Tyneshia Griffin · Fourth Place College Essay Contest for Students of Color winner: By Jonathan Azpeitia · Third Place College Essay Contest for Students of Color winner: By Bahram Sherwani · Second Place College Essay Contest for Students of Color winner: By Anuj Krishnamurthy · First Place College Essay Contest for Students of Color winner: By Nadia Duncan · College Essay Contest for Students of Color winners · Catherine Fahriger Scholarship winner: By Sabria Harper · Catherine Fahriger Scholarship winner: By Jorge Banuelos · Catherine Fahriger Scholarship winner: By Makeda Scott · Catherine Fahriger Scholarship winner: By Kola Heyward-Rotimi · Four earn Catherine Fahringer scholarships · Meet a staffer: Whitney Steffen · Don’t inject your religious beliefs into my grief: By Julie Stahl · Meet a member: Marjorie Halpern Holden · Read more »

August 2016

2016 William J. Schulz High School Essay winners · Pharmacy’s religious claim rejected · FFRF wins suit over school censorship · FFRF legal victories · Post offices follow letter of law · FFRF legal complaints · Nonbelief Relief aids Orlando victims, others · FFRF asks city to remove ‘God’s country’ signs · Reagan quote greeted GOP convention-goers · Let them eat cake! · FFRF floods school districts with warnings about ark park · FFRF’s 39th annual convention, Oct. 7–9 in Pittsburgh · In memoriam: Parvin Baharloo, 1953–2016 · In memoriam: Marilyn Ross Adams, 1937–2016 · Sharing the crank mail · High school essay honorable mentions: Harnessing the power of freethinking By Conrad Wright · High school essay honorable mentions: How Wikipedia changed my life By Kayla Spitzer · High school essay honorable mentions: No limiting myself as a freethinker By Noelle Shaw · High school essay honorable mentions: I’m an atheist and an Eagle Scout By Brody McNutt · High school essay honorable mentions: Being an atheist in a Catholic house By Alexandra Lauria-Daley · High school essay honorable mentions: No more flying under the radar By Matthew Joy · High school essay honorable mentions: Being atheist in the South By Kristian Harrel · High school essay honorable mentions: Learning to trust myself By Christian Beveridge · High school essay honorable mentions: Becoming free of religion By Niha Ahmad · Sixth place (tie): My secular testimony - By Erin McCoskey · Sixth place (tie) - The best kind of citizen: By Elizabeth Robbins · Fifth place: Two white dresses, one freethinking mind - By Bethany Wasilik · Fourth place: Losing the church, but finding myself - By Kaylor MacLaughlin · Third place: No reason to apologize for my nonbelief - By Mary Amanda Breeden · Second place: Growing up as an ex-Muslim - By M.O. · First place: A hymn of my own - By Avery Boltwood · Michael Nugent’s FFRF convention speech: ‘You have rights, your beliefs do not’ · Julia Sweeney’s Reason Rally speech: Conservative Catholics too influential · Here’s why FFRF complained about Hondo’s signs · After tragedies, why don’t media seek atheists’ perspective? By Brian Lambert · Want to help? Forget prayers — do something By Andrew Seidel · Meet our summer interns: Mayan Essak, Nathan Niemeyer, Davin Skalinder, Lucas Swank, Alex Zacharczenko, Jill Zhe Zhang · Read more »

June / July 2016

FFRF’s 39th annual convention, Oct. 7–9 in Pittsburgh · Tiny Home village gets $12K donation from Nonbelief Relief by PJ Slinger · Mr. Paul Aints baseball game July 16: A night of unbelievable fun in Minnesota by Eric Jayne · Ingersoll statue restoration under way · FFRF legal victories · FFRF skeptical about Texas city’s cross sale · FFRF News · Nation’s premier rating entity gives FFRF excellent grades · Appeals court panel hears Ten Commandments case · FFRF sues to remove Florida park cross · Importance of religion in U.S. drops · Tombstone created outrage in 1906 · FFRF places ads on D.C. buses, kiosks ‘I’m an Atheist and I Vote’ · FFRF runs 2 new ad campaigns · Texas county settles quickly after suit filed · Nonbelief Relief aids imperiled activists · In memoriam: David Groethe, former FFRF Chair · In memoriam: Beatrice ‘Betty’ L. Petz · ‘My Only Father’: A tribute to Norman Barker by Dan Barker · Sharing the crank mail · Facing death as an atheist by Anthony G. Arlen · Secular invocations: Justin Scott, Cheryl Kolbe and Elizabeth Murad · Strong Backbone Student Activist Award, Removing prayer from graduation: By Sarah Barrios · FFRF Co-President Dan Barker’s comments at the Reason Rally · FFRF Co-President Annie Laurie Gaylor’s speech: Speaking of reason · Reason Rally leaves many ‘optimistic for the future’ · Freethought in the Media awardee: Housing exemption is taxing on us all by Stuart Watson · FFRF member’s work pays off: Iowa City proclaims Day of Reason by Justin Scott · Meet a member: Stephen Gay · Meet a staffer by Amit Pal · Read more »

May 2016

Prayer, belief in God at all-time low in U.S. · Town council will stop invocations · Judge sanctioned over sentencing · FFRF sues over cross in California public park · Congressman asked to end propaganda · Foot-washing ceremony a no-no for state officials · FFRF, friends to restore Ingersoll statue · FFRF: Jersey borough needs secular motto · State/church violations in schools · ‘I’m atheist and I vote’ billboards welcomed candidates to Madison · School district: Pamphlets — not bible — inappropriate · School district sued over scholarships · FFRF legal victories · FFRF destroys a crusader · South Carolina football chaplain removed · Bible quote removed from district homepage · FFRF renews IRS challenge · City sued over censorship · FFRF to sue Congress · Check out all that Pittsburgh has to offer: Oct. 7-9 By Kim and Stephen Hirtle · Secular invocations: Earl Coggins · In memoriam: Kathleen Phillips, James “Jim” G. Goble & Arch Wakefield · Sharing the crank mail · The Daffodil Man: Joseph Cunningham · Great speaker lineup set for Reason Rally · Did God know of future suffering and do nothing? By David Quintero · Mother Teresa doesn’t deserve sainthood · FFRF 2015 convention speech: Jeremiah Camara · FFRF’s 2015 Freethinker of the Year Award: Douglas Marshall · Meet a member: Dianne Post · Why we don’t mix church and state: By Dianne Post · Living in a fundamentalist enclave: Brian Bolton · Meet a staffer: Alyssa Schaefer · Read more »

April 2016

FFRF wins suit over school board prayer · Texas county sheriff sued over cross decals · More families join nativity suit · FFRF launches ‘I’m Secular and I Vote’ campaign · FFRF wins several cases over public prayers · Good news! Bible distribution ends in 3 districts · FFRF legal victories · Church Christmas tree bill misguided · ‘Holy water’ sprinkled on school grounds · Illinois school district’s satanic ban is spurious · FFRF asks Michigan town to revoke religion privilege · FFRF members part of Newdow’s Minnesota suit · Missouri school district urged to end access by evangelicals · Orlando city ceremony includes religious oath · Irate Alabama ex-official wants to undo FFRF’s good work · Judge named in FFRF suit against Texas governor · School told to get rid of pastor · Catholic cover-up in Pennsylvania · Sick and tired of ‘God Bless America’ by Susan Jacoby · Meet a member: Marni Huebner-Tiborsky · Put an atheist on the Supreme Court by Lawrence Krauss · Scalia’s poor state/church legacy (in quotes) by PJ Slinger · FFRF 2015 Atheist In Foxhole award: Defender of the Constitution Steven Hewett · Emperor Has No Clothes Award: Ernie Chambers: ‘I am what I am’ · The 10 worst Old Testament verses by Dan Barker · Celebrate secularism at Reason Rally 2016 · Strong Backbone Award by Dustin Hickok: Even after cheating death, I’m OK without God · Cliff Richards Student Activist Award: Glad to be called a heathen pig by Douglas J. Ciampi Jr. · Honorable mention Michael Hakeem Memorial College Essay Contest: Atheism and virtuousness by Samuel Chan Sai Hay · Honorable mention Michael Hakeem Memorial College Essay Contest: Self-motivated morality matters by Julianna Bauman · Honorable mention Michael Hakeem Memorial College Essay Contest: An incentive for a moral life by Mariesa Dae Robinson · Honorable mention Michael Hakeem Memorial College Essay Contest: Atheists worthy of respect by Martin Cheung · Sharing the crank mail · 2008 Freethinker of Year Kay Staley dies · Editorial wing named in Patrick O’Reiley’s honor · Secular invocations: Juan Mendez · Join us for FFRF’s 39th national convention · Read more »

March 2016

Reason Rally 2016: A bloc party that counts · FFRF legal victories · ‘In God We Trust’ challenged · ‘God Bless America’ banner removed by PJ Slinger · Reversing course, board to resume prayers · Satanists get Phoenix to drop council prayer · FFRF rips Virginia sheriff over religious statements · Mayor cuts off invocation speaker in mid-sentence · Abbott backs crosses on vehicles · Obama invited to Reason Rally · Some unknown soldiers get crosses on graves · Court: Suit over religious banners can move ahead · Earn a freethought badge · FFRF, Abbott go ‘toe-to-toe’ in new lawsuit · Secular invocations: Aleta Ledendecker & Peter Wood · In memoriam: Manfred 'Dick' Koehler & David I. Berkman · It pays to complain · Sharing the crank mail · FFRF offers four student essay contests · The fight to create a secular club by Thomas Sheedy · Corporate interests fueled rise of Christian nationalism by Kevin M. Kruse · Religion deadly for sick children by Rita Swan · Candidates respond to secular questions by PJ Slinger · Meet a member: Douglas Schiebel · Jesus’ sacrifice . . . what sacrifice? by Lee Salisbury · Making a Murderer: God of the bible by PJ Slinger · Meet a legal fellow: Ryan David Jayne · FFRF’s engaged membership · Read more »

January/February 2016

Texas governor lambasted for censoring FFRF display · District flouts live nativity decision · Tennessee police department told to end ‘Adopt a Cop’ program · ‘Religious’ hospitals not exempt from retirement regulations · Legislator steps over line with Christmas video · NYC ripped for ‘misappropriation’ · ‘Resurrection’ fund created for FFRF signs · Texas sheriff places cross stickers on vehicles · Bus driver tells autistic 5-year-old she will go to hell · Coaches haven’t got a prayer against FFRF · More legal victories · Freedom From Religion Foundation Year in Review — 2015 · 2015 Brian Bolton Graduate or ‘Older’ College Essay Contest winners · In memoriam: Todd Gardner, Jerry H. Jeffery Jr., Harry Robertson & Don Worrell · New editor of Freethought Today joins staff by PJ Slinger · Before I’m gone to Golden Pond . . . By Bill Dunn · FFRF has banner year · The Pledge: ‘Under God’or overly godly? by C. Boyd Pfeiffer · FFRF 2015 annual convention speech: Ron Reagan – unabashed, unafraid · FFRF ‘delighted’ to win ‘Scrooge’ award from Religious Right · Meet Eryn’s ‘adorable atheist activism’ by Eryn Johnson · First place: Brian Bolton graduate student college essay contest by Candace Kotulski · Second place: Graduate student college essay contest by Benjamin Schwartz · Third place: Graduate student college essay contest by Alex Flitter · Fourth place: Graduate student college essay contest by Emilee Prado · Fifth place: Graduate student college essay contest by Peter D. A. Wood · Sixth place: Graduate student college essay contest by Tara Clifford · Honorable mention: Graduate student college essay contest (One) by Samuel David Capps · Honorable mention: Graduate student college essay contest (Two) by Sara Rose · Sharing the crank mail · Secular invocations: Steven Belstra & Terry Sunday · Read more »

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