Media Inquiries

Please phone the Freedom From Religion Foundation office at (608) 256-8900 to speak directly with Foundation Co-Presidents Annie Laurie Gaylor and Dan Barker or other staff here in Madison, Wis. We receive an especially heavy volume of e-mails and we don’t want to miss an inquiry, so please phone to set up an interview, especially if you are on deadline. We would be pleased to try to answer your questions, or accommodate your request.

For non-urgent questions

Contact Us

NOTE: We are very sorry, but due to the volume of crank calls FFRF receives, our phones are set up so that “anonymous” calls are blocked. Media should please press zero and leave a message if you do not have access to an unblocked phone.

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Staff Photos

FFRF-Co Presidents Dan Barker and Annie Laurie Gaylor

1AnnieLaurie Dan 2017Convention

Photo by Ingrid Laas.

Co-President Annie Laurie Gaylor

1Annie Laurie 2018 portrait    1algfreeblur

Read Annie Laurie Gaylor’s bio herePhoto by Chris Line. Second photo by Christopher Johnson.

Co-President Dan Barker


Read Dan Barker’s bio here. Photo by Tim Hughes. Second photo by Brent Nicastro.

FFRF Legal Director Rebecca Markert


Read Rebecca Markert’s bio here. Photo by Chris Line.

FFRF Senior Counsel Patrick Elliott


Read Patrick Elliott’s bio here. Photo by Chris Line. 

FFRF Associate Counsel Elizabeth Cavell


Read Elizabeth Cavell’s bio here. Photo by Chris Line. 

FFRF Associate Counsel Sam Grover


Read Sam Grover’s bio here. Photo by Chris Line. 

FFRF Staff Attorney Maddy Ziegler


Read Maddy Ziegler’s bio here. Photo by Chris Line. 

FFRF Strategic Response Attorney Ryan Jayne


Read Ryan Jayne’s bio here. Photo by Chris Line. 

FFRF Staff Attorney Chris Line

Chris Line

Read Chris Line’s bio here. Photo by Chris Line. 

FFRF Staff Attorneys

The FFRF legal staff posing together in front of bookshelves

Top Row: Chris Line, Maddy Ziegler, Matt Langer, Greta Martens and Patrick Elliott.
Bottom Row: Liz Cavell, Sam Grover and Rebecca Markert.
Photo by Chris Line. 

Building Photos

Freethought Hall

Freethought Hall building viewed from across the street

The front of Freethought Hall in Madison, WI

The entrance to Freethought Library with a mannequin of Charles Darwin on the left

A cupola at the top of Freethought Hall

A small auditorium at Freethought Hall

Freedom From Religion Foundation