Important legal successes include:

  • Winning the first federal lawsuit challenging direct funding by the government of a faith-based agency
  • Overturning a state Good Friday holiday, Good Friday plaintiffs included Foundation staff and state employees. 
  • Winning a lawsuit barring direct taxpayer subsidy of religious schools
  • Removing Ten Commandments monuments and crosses from public land
  • Halting the Post Office from issuing religious cancellations
  • Ending 51 years of illegal bible instruction in public schools
  • Winning the first court order to a U.S. Cabinet revoking federal funds to a pervasively sectarian agency
  • Halting federal funds to a bible school offering no academic classes
  • Ending “parish nursing” faith/health entanglements at two state universities
  • Halting a government chaplaincy to minister to state workers

Foundation complaints have:

  • Halted prayer at public schools, institutions, and public financing of nativity pageants and Easter services
  • Stopped direct subsidy to religious schools
  • Stopped Job Corps trainees from being assigned to work on a Catholic shrine
  • Ended a 122-year abuse of commencement prayers at a Top Ten University
  • Declared unconstitutional the creation of a state post to “assist clergy”

Other court victories include:

  • Winning a legal challenge ending 51 years of illegal bible instruction in rhea county (dayton, tennessee) schools
  • Declaring unconstitutional the creation of a state post to “assist clergy” to save marriages
  • Stopping school subsidy of child evangelism
  • Removing a nativity scene from the entrance of a city hall
  • Forcing a mayor to suspend sponsorship of a day of prayer

To read about these lawsuits, victories and ongoing litigation, as well as FFRF’s substantial accomplishments ending state/church violations without going to court, see the links at right, “In This Section.”

Good Friday and Ten Commandment Victory



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