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Freethought Matters - Oxford Debate
FFRF's Co-President Dan Barker participates in a debate at Oxford over whether "God is a delusion." Learn more about the Freedom From Religion Foundation at
Freethought Matters Rerun: Daniel C. Dennett
Freethought Matters - Katherine Stewart
Freethought Matters - Convention Speakers
Freethought Matters - Robert Richert
Freethought Matters - Marci Hamilton
Freethought Matters - Donald Johanson
Freethought Matters - Margaret Downey & Zenos Frudakis

‘Freethought Matters’ TV Show

Weekly half-hour TV talk show produced by the Freedom From Religion Foundation

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The Freedom From Religion Foundation’s weekly TV show, “Freethought Matters,” currently airs Sunday mornings in four major cities and Sunday nights in Madison, Wis.

“You can turn on the TV and be preached at 24/7, especially on Sunday mornings. We not only want to provide sympathetic programming for the ‘unmassed masses,’ but offer an alternative, so that religious programming does not win by default,” says Annie Laurie Gaylor, FFRF co-president / co-host.

“The intent is to introduce communities to leading freethought authors, thinkers and activists in a non-threatening and positive way,” adds FFRF co-president / co-host Dan Barker.

Catch interviews of freethinking authors, secular experts, activists, actors and state/church separation advocates, even members of Congress from past seasons, on FFRF’s YouTube channel. Watch episodes here. You can also receive notifications when we post new episodes of Freethought Matters by subscribing to FFRF’s YouTube channel.

“Freethought Matters” currently airs in:

Please tune in to “Freethought Matters” . . . because freethought matters.


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