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What to do if public officials exempt churches from stay-at-home orders

 Many of you have contacted FFRF, angry and worried that governors or other officials across the country are exempting churches and religious worship from the “safer at home” orders necessary to stop the spread of the coronavirus. The upcoming Easter Sunday is exacerbating these unconstitutional church exemptions.

In response to the overwhelming and heartening volume of requests for advice on how best to hold our elected officials accountable during this turbulent time, we have created a set of resources for your use. FFRF’s website now has a page specifically dedicated to secular activism in the time of coronavirus.

If you’re stuck at home, perhaps feeling a little helpless, isolated and angry that these churches are risking your life and the lives of your loved one, we want to help you fight back.

FFRF has already sent a letter to every governor explaining why church exemptions are unconstitutional and lethal. We’ve also asked each FFRF member to call and email your own governor. That action alert has basic talking points. We’ve sent other letters of complaint, too. We’ve written op-eds. We will continue to challenge these inappropriate religious exemptions. And we know you want to fight them, too.

Please continue to report any state/church violations happening in your community. While the Religious Right continues to exploit this global public health crisis as an opportunity to peddle their beliefs, we in the secular community must use all the resources at our disposal to ensure that reason-based solutions drive our public policy responses and solutions to this pandemic.

Thank you for your activism. We hope you are staying home and staying safe.

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