What Else Does FFRF Do?

FFRF works as an umbrella for those who are free from religion and are committed to the cherished principle of separation of state and church.

• Publishes Freethought Today, the only freethought newspaper in the United States
• Sponsors six annual student essay contests with major cash awards, student activist awards and other scholarships
• Conducts lively, annual national conventions, honoring state/church, student, and freethought activism
• Maintains a Strategic Response Team, full time D.C. lobbyist and legislative action alerts
• Bestows “The Emperor Has No Clothes” Award to public figures for “plain-speaking on religion”
• Promotes freedom from religion with educational books, literature, music CDs
• Provides speakers for events and debates
• Maintains its historic office, Freethought Hall, with major library, studio, auditorium
• Broadcasts Freethought Radio, Freethought Matters TV show, and FFRF’s Ask an Atheist
• Places freethought billboards, bus signs and other advertising


Many ways to get involved:

• Get 10 issues of Freethought Today, FFRF’s lively 24-page newspaper reporting fully on FFRF lawsuits, state-church complaints, victories and members. (Available in print, digitally and mobile friendly.)
• Get discounts on convention registration.
• Receive your cheering Freethought of the Day via email (ffrf.org/day).
• Sign up for FFRF press releases, blogs and action alerts. FFRF will also email you about any state/church separation actions, legislative issues or FFRF functions in your area.
• Receive financial and business information, including FFRF’s annual Statement of Activities, via Private Line’s twice-a-year, member-only newsletter.

Your membership dues support:

• FFRF’s activism and hardworking staff of more than 25 full-time employees.
• Ongoing, significant lawsuits, plus eight staff attorneys, two legal fellows and two legal assistants ending hundreds of state/church violations without having to go to court.
• FFRF’s media and billboard campaigns to heighten freethought visibility.
• More than 20 regional chapters serving local members.
• FFRF’s educational campaigns, including action alerts, news releases and our significant website resources and social media outreach.

How Can I Join FFRF?

FFRF is a non-profit, educational organization. All dues and donations are deductible for income-tax purposes.

FFRF has received a 4 star rating from Charity Navigator

FFRF is a member of the Secular Coalition for America

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