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School apologizes for ‘shaming’ assembly

A student at Chelsea High School in Chelsea, Ala., contacted FFRF about a school assembly speaker named Siran Stacy manipulating and shaming students. At an April 5 assembly, Stacy preached that students should not have sex before marriage and denigrated the use of condoms and a woman’s right to have an abortion. He reportedly told young women their self-worth comes from God and said that only men are capable of being leaders.

Stacy told a story about his family members dying, allegedly killed by a gay drunk driver with AIDS. He also quoted the bible throughout his sermon.

Staff Attorney Andrew Seidel sent an April 8 letter to Alan Miller, Haleyville City Schools president, requesting that he cancel Stacy’s upcoming speaking engagements at Haleyville Middle School.

“What possible connection do homosexuality, abortion, premarital sex and converting to Christianity have to do with drunk driving?” Seidel asked. “None. This was not a secular program but a religious sermon.”

Miller responded April 9 to inform FFRF that Stacy’s speaking engagements at the school had been canceled.

On April 17, Superintendent Randy Fuller told FFRF that the principal apologized to all students for the claims Stacy made.

In a letter to Stacy, Fuller stated students were offended by how he injected his faith into his presentation and disparaged homosexuals. He reminded Stacy about the need to respect different viewpoints and the Constitution.

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