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"this house believes in god" 

Dan Barker, Michael Shermer, Peter Millican vs. John Lennox, Peter Hitchens, Joanna Collicut, Oxford Union 2012


spotlight on freethought, 2012


FFRF's Jfk ad, 2012


Julia sweeney calls for separation of state & Church, 2012

"Christianity vs. atheism"

Dan Barker vs. Dinesh D’Souza, Cambridge 2008


Wisconsin's lieutenant governor barbara lawton

Welcomes FFRF National Convention attendees, 2010


Pete stark addresses 33rd annual convention

To accept the Emperor Has No Clothes Award, 2010


A second look at religion, ffrf's first movie, 1980


champions of the first amendment, 1982

 View more of Dan Barker's Debates HERE. 

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