Edward Truelove

On this date in 1809, Edward Truelove was born In England. A follower of Robert Owen and his son, Truelove worked at the Owenite utopian community of New Harmony, Indiana, for a year. Truelove opened his own bookstore in the Strand in 1852, and later opened another shop in Holborn. He published Voltaire's Philosophical Dictionary and Thomas Paine's writings. In 1858, after he published Tyrannicide by W.E. Adams, Truelove was charged with blasphemy, but the prosecution was withdrawn. In the 1870s, Truelove served four months in prison for the publication of Robert Dale Owen's book, Moral Physiology, addressing population and birth control. According to historian Joseph McCabe, "His admirers presented him with £200 after his release." D. 1899.

Compiled by Annie Laurie Gaylor

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