FFRF’s Liz Cavell warns newspaper audiences about Trump’s judicial legacy

1ElizabethCavellPressSmallFFRF Constitutional Attorney Liz Cavell has written an op-ed published in prominent newspapers all over the country warning about the dire legacy of President Trump’s judicial appointments.

The column, based on an FFRF report “Religious Liberty Under Threat,” which Cavell was the lead author on, was prepared for the Progressive Media Project and sent out to hundreds of daily newspapers through the Tribune News Service. The piece, which has run in the Miami Herald and the Cleveland Plain Dealer, among many other papers, begins:

Long after he leaves office, Donald Trump’s religious rightwing takeover of the federal courts will continue to damage our Constitution.

Over the past four years, the president has stacked the federal courts with ultraconservative judges. According to a new report by the Freedom From Religion Foundation, where I work, these include three Supreme Court appointments (Neil Gorsuch, Brett Kavanaugh and Amy Coney Barrett), 53 appellate court appointments and 170 district court appointments, drastically outpacing his predecessors.

Cavell concludes, “We’ll be bearing the consequences of this for quite some time to come.”

Read the full op-ed here.

Freedom From Religion Foundation

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