FFRF: It’s time to quit the Catholic Church after renewed LGBTQ bigotry

The Vatican reaffirmed the bigotry of the Catholic Church earlier this week, decreeing that no official in the church hierarchy can bless or recognize a same-sex relationship.

The Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith, formerly known as the Inquisition, announced its ruling that same-sex unions are “not licit.” Pope Francis has been hyped as a progressive pope, but he’s merely window-dressing for an organization that leads the global attack against LGBTQ and reproductive rights. When he appeared to endorse same-sex civil unions last fall, the Vatican “clarified” that was not the case. It’s the same old, same old.

Similarly, the current pope has failed abysmally to protect Catholic children and minors under his care. He has not required that any allegations or suspicions of sexual abuse and rape in the church be reported to secular authorities. It’s just more broken promises and pledges to rid the Catholic Church of sexual abuse, more useless prayers (and, sometimes, inadequate financial payoffs) offered to victims.

The Vatican’s pronouncements are at odds with the views of the more than six out of 10 Catholics who support same-sex marriage, not to mention the many gay Catholics. But it is this continuing support of the Church by more progressive Catholics that makes possible these pernicious and demeaning pronouncements, not to mention the funds spent lobbying to deny civil and reproductive rights.

As the Freedom From Religion Foundation famously issued an invitation nine years in an open letter to “liberal and nominal” Catholics: “It’s time to quit the Catholic Church.” FFRF charged, “You are an enabler. And it’s got to stop.” That ad, creating shockwaves after appearing in the New York Times, was composed when a different man was pope. But it’s unfortunately just as timely today as it was in 2012. The Inquisition may not be quite what it used to be, but some things never change with this hoary institution. It’s time to “exit en mass.”

Freedom From Religion Foundation

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