FFRF commends Washington state’s steps to protect abortion rights

With attacks on abortion at an all-time high, it’s important to recognize states that are proactively protecting reproductive health care.

On March 17, Washington Gov. Jay Inslee signed a measure that prohibits legal action against individuals seeking an abortion care and those who help them. Inslee explained the impetus for this step: “We know this bill is necessary because this is a perilous time for the ability of people to have the freedom of choice that they have enjoyed for decades.” 

This move is especially important because Washington’s neighboring state of Idaho is slated to copycat Texas’ draconian anti-abortion six-week-ban-and-bounty-hunting provision. The bounty in Idaho is up to $20,000, and Gov. Brad Little is expected to sign it into law. The Freedom From Religion Foundation commends Inslee’s commitment to reproductive freedom. Before signing the bill, Inslee affirmed, “To the citizens of Idaho: If Idaho will not stand up for your constitutional rights, we will.”

FFRF has also urged a boycott of Idaho potatoes if the state’s ban is enacted. Phone or email Little now to tell him you’ll join the threatened Idaho potato boycott if he signs the ban into law: (208) 334-2100 or [email protected]. Or utilize FFRF’s handy automated action alert system to email to him. 

According to a definitive survey of FFRF members, 98.8 percent support abortion rights, not surprising given the fact that the only organized opposition is religious in nature and predicated on the concept of ensoulment during conception. The decision of when and whether to become a parent is profoundly personal and is a basic state/church issue.

“As we await the ultraconservative Supreme Court’s decision about a Mississippi abortion law that could undo the fabric of Roe v. Wade, standing up for secular values and abortion rights is more important than ever,” says Annie Laurie Gaylor, FFRF co-president.

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