“A” display lights up FFRF’s Freethought Hall in Madison

1AMadison 2017

An 8-foot red lighted “A” will be on display for the month of December outside Freethought Hall, the office of the Freedom From Religion Foundation in downtown Madison.

The image has been popularized by evolutionary psychologist Richard Dawkins (author of the blockbuster book, “The God Delusion”) as a symbol for atheism or agnosticism.

This freethinking symbol debuted as a lighted display four years ago, in Chicago’s famed Daley Plaza, where it is currently again a part of the annual Metropolitan FFRF Chicago Chapter’s Winter Solstice exhibit countering an oversized Christian nativity tableau.

FFRF has also recently placed the “A” image on a T-shirt.

Next month, FFRF and a local activist will be unfurling what is believed to be the very first “atheist flag,” in Somersworth, N.H. The flag will protest a longstanding Ten Commandments monument on a traffic island in that town.

“A” is on the ascent all over the country.

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