15 secular billboards are up in Portland


Portland, Ore., was not only the setting for the Freedom From Religion Foundation’s 35th national convention last weekend, attracting nearly 900 attendees, but for a bright new billboard campaign featuring 15 area freethinkers and families.

The three 14×48-foot bulletins and 12 EcoPosters (10-foot x 22.8-inch billboards) will be up around Portland for a month.

Portland-area FFRF members and families volunteered to take part in the myth-dispelling billboard campaign timed with the convention. This is FFRF’s largest “This is what an atheist looks” campaign to date. The group is also debuting a new slogan: “I’m SECULAR and I VOTE.”

FFRF is a national state-church watchdog with over 19,000 members nationwide, including nearly 600 in Oregon. 

See below for a list of participants and their billboard locations.

(Note: FFRF is still waiting to receive the billboard locations for Scott Mullins and Heather Gonsior & Shawn Swagerty, so stay tuned.)

Billboard participants and locations

“This is What an Atheist Looks Like”

Anita Brown: SW 12th Av 100 ftN/O Salmon St WS F/S-1 or W Bumside St 20 ft E/O 16th Av SS F/E-2

Dr. Peter Boghossian: SW Beaverton Hillsdale Hwy 10 ft W/O 42nd Av SS F/W-1

Mark Hecate: Se McLoughlin Blvd 50 ft S/O Woodward WS F/S-2

Sonja Maglothin: SE Powell Blvd 80 ft W/O 28th Pl SS F/E-1

Renee Barnett: NW St Helens Rd 500 ft N/O 31st Av WS F/N-2

Roy and Karen Firestone: SW Salmon St 100 Ft E/O 11th Av NS F/W-1

Brent and Tyler Mangum: SE McLoughlin Blvd 10 ft N/O Bluebird St WS F/S-1

Michelle, Justin, Sylvan, and Scarlett Atterbury: SE McLoughlin Blvd 80 ft N/O 17th Av ES F/S-1

“I’m Secular and I vote”

Caroline Miller: SE 7th Av 100 ft N/O Madison St WS F/S-1

Marsha Abelman: N Victoria 10 ft N/O NE Weidler WS F/E2

Robert Paul Buchman: NW Yeon 70 ft N/O NW Front ES F/N-1

Duane Daminao: NW Gilsan St 100 ft W/O 5th Av SS F/E-1

Lenora Warren: N Interstate Av 3 ft S/O Knott St ES F/N-1

For more information on the campaign and participants view FFRF’s Oct. 5 news release here.

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