Alfred Naquet

On this date in 1834, physician and politician Alfred Naquet was born in France. After obtaining a medical degree, he studied chemistry and was professor of chemistry at Palermo from 1863 to 1866. He was sentenced to 15 months in prison upon his return to Paris when he propounded radical Garibaldian views. After Dr. Naquet's book, Religion, Propriete, Famille, was published in 1869, he was returned to prison for 4 months, was fined 500 francs and lost his civil rights for life. Naquet sought refuge in Spain but after the Revolution of 1870, returned to France. He served in the Chambre from 1871-1882, championing the cause of divorce reform (divorce had been abolished in France in 1816). Naquet ultimately saw passage of his bill for a rational divorce law as a senator, the achievement for which he is largely remembered. D. 1915.

Compiled by Annie Laurie Gaylor

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