Tell your member of Congress to stop supporting the National Prayer Breakfast

Please help FFRF oppose congressional participation in the upcoming 70th National Prayer Breakfast, scheduled to take place next week, Thursday, Feb. 3. FFRF has had success in discouraging members of Congress from attending, and we need your continued help to educate Congress.

This private event, which sounds like an official governmental function, is run by a shadowy religious group known as The Family, and is a hotspot for Christian nationalists and theocrats, anti-LGBTQ bigotry and influence-peddling. Born in opposition to the New Deal in the height of the Red Scare, it has been mired in scandal after scandal, including the FBI’s arrest of a Russian agent with ties to Vladimir Putin. Rev. Franklin Graham is the primary financial backer of the event, and he admitted the entire point of the shindig is for people to purchase access to Congress under the guise of prayer: “They’re wanting to be able to rub elbows with somebody that they normally couldn’t rub elbows with.”

Read more about FFRF’s opposition to the National Prayer Breakfast here.

Press the “Take Action” button below to contact your representative and feel free to use our suggested talking points.

Talking Points

As your constituent and as a secular American, I urge you not to sponsor or attend the National Prayer Breakfast, which is run by a shadowy religious group known as The Family.

Red flags include attendance by Russian operatives, deliberate influence-peddling and anti-LGBTQ rhetoric. Members of Congress who attend may assume the event is merely a solemn religious breakfast, but are in fact lending endorsement and credence to an unsavory organization that is exploiting their support. There are hundreds of houses of worship within walking distance of our great Capitol, and you and your fellow members can enjoy fellowship and prayer without associating with this troubling group.


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