Tell Senator Manchin to oppose Kavanaugh!

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As Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearings draw closer, and news this week of Michael Cohen’s guilty plea calls Kavanaugh’s legitimacy as a nominee further into question, we need your voice to be heard in opposition to his nomination.

Please help save the wall of separation between state and church, our secular government and our godless Constitution. Please contact Senator Manchin to ask him to oppose the nomination of Kavanaugh to the U.S. Supreme Court.

The nomination of Kavanaugh to replace Justice Anthony Kennedy threatens our secular republic. Kennedy was the nominal swing vote on the court, and while often disappointing, he held firm on abortion and LGBTQ rights, and even wrote a strong decision against religion in public schools. Confirmation of Kavanaugh would shift the Supreme Court to the Religious Right for more than a generation and would forever change the landscape of First Amendment law. Every landmark case protecting the rights of nonreligious Americans is at risk.

Your actions are never wasted. Pressure is mounting on Senator Manchin to support Kavanaugh’s confirmation and Senate offices DO pay attention when their constituents make their voices heard. Even if you recently called or wrote to Senator Manchin about this, he needs to hear from you again. Circumstances have changed. Please don’t stay silent at this critical moment.


Freedom From Religion Foundation