TAKE ACTION: Oppose expansion of Fla. school voucher scheme


The Florida Legislature is considering an expansion of the state’s school voucher system, which would divert even more money from public school into private, almost exclusively religious, education. Please take a few moments to tell Florida lawmakers to oppose this damaging proposal.

If passed, SB 48 would allow families that earn up to 300 percent of the federal poverty level to qualify for the state’s school voucher program. Additionally, this bill would reduce the frequency of private and charter school audit, further decreasing already minimal accountability.

Voucher schemes like the one under consideration for expansion in Florida financially devastate public schools and would force Florida taxpayers to fund private religious education. Lacking oversight and accountability, voucher schemes in states across the country also invariably lead to widespread fraud and mismanagement.

Read FFRF’s “The Case Against Vouchers.”

The Florida Senate Appropriations Subcommittee on Education has a hearing scheduled on SB 48 tomorrow, Feb. 17, at 3:30 p.m. Please use our automated system to contact all members of the subcommittee and urge them to vote no on this proposal. Click on the red “Take Action” button and feel free to use or adapt the talking points provided.


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