Take action! Ask your member of Congress NOT to attend the National Prayer Breakfast

Prayer Money

Please take a moment to urge your member of Congress not to attend or sponsor the annual National Prayer Breakfast occurring on Feb. 2. The event has long operated under the false pretense of being a “bipartisan” and ecumenical social breakfast. Unfortunately, the prayer breakfast’s private organizer deliberately makes event appear to be an official governmental function, and has an unsavory history of promoting religious bigotry and extremism.

The event is organized by the secretive Fellowship Foundation, which has had troubling relationships with dictators and has exported anti-LGBTQ policies. Its primary financial backer has been the notorious evangelist Franklin Graham, who views the breakfast as an opportunity for business leaders to “buy access” to politicians.

Increasingly, members of Congress are boycotting the politicized event. Ask your representative not to lend their support to this theocratic shindig.

Read more about FFRF’s opposition to the National Prayer Breakfast.

Please reach out to your member of Congress and ask them not to attend or fund the breakfast.




Freedom From Religion Foundation

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