Virginia city cancels visit to ‘Ark Park’ (February 7, 2017)

FFRF has dissuaded a Virginia city’s park and rec department from hosting a trip to the infamous “Ark Park” and creationist museum.

A resident informed FFRF that the Christiansburg Parks and Recreation Department was arranging a visit in early April to the Ark Encounter and the Creation Museum in Kentucky. The excursion was advertised on the city’s website.

FFRF urged the city to refrain from organizing an outing to such overtly religious sites, and the city responded within a couple of days.

“Please be advised that the trip has been cancelled and will be removed from the town of Christiansburg’s website,” the city’s legal counsel wrote.

The Ark Encounter is a Christian ministry run by the creationist Ken Ham, who also built the Creation Museum. Ham has been open about the proselytizing nature of his projects right since the beginning.

“We are eagerly approaching what I believe will be a historic moment in Christendom,” he stated in a 2016 letter outlining his motive. “It’s the opening of the one of the greatest Christian outreaches of our era.”

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