Texas school to address religious decorations (May 1, 2017)

McKinney North High School in Texas has been given a secular makeover after FFRF was informed of religious symbols and messages decorating the walls of hallways and classrooms in the school. These messages included a football poster with a biblical quote, a varied collection of crosses, an advertisement for a Christian club, and a large assortment of Latin crosses next to white boards, over entrances to classrooms and behind teachers’ desks.

On April 12, FFRF Staff Attorney Sam Grover reminded the school district attorney, Charles Crawford, of a letter FFRF sent last year to the district outlining why Latin crosses and religious messages are impermissible displays by public school employees. Since the district’s employees clearly did not follow through with removing the displays, Grover requested additional assurance that the recurring issue would be, at last, resolved.

On May 1, Crawford responded to Grover’s letter informing FFRF that the district superintendent would address the displays.

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