Texas middle school staff to stop promoting religion (March 29, 2022)

A Texas school district has stopped letting its staff endorse religion after a community member reported multiple instances of religious promotion by staff members.

Andrews Middle School football team was selling shirts that featured a bible quote on the back: “Trust in the Lord, Our God, forever, for He is our everlasting rock. — Isaiah 264:4.” The shirts had been promoted on the official Andrews ISD Facebook page.

FFRF Staff Attorney Chris Line, in a letter to the district, wrote that the staff “send a message on behalf of the district to non-Christian and nonreligious students that they are outsiders in their school community.” Superintendent Bobby Azam wrote back to reassure FFRF that he will work to ensure that the district will no longer allow its staff to promote or endorse religion by selling T-shirts with religious messages as part of school-sponsored activities, or by including religious messages on official calendars for school-sponsored events.


Freedom From Religion Foundation