Teachers won’t promote their personal religious beliefs (May 23, 2018)

FFRF ensured that employees within a Kansas school district will not be promoting their personal religious beliefs to students. On May 23, FFRF’s Christopher Line wrote to Khris Thexton, superintendent of Great Bend public school district in Great Bend, Kan., to issue a complaint against Principal Tim Friess of the Great Bend High School. Friess made religious remarks to students and parents at the 2018 Great Bend High School graduation, beginning his remarks by “thank[ing] God for the beautiful day that he has blessed us with” before relating a religious anecdote and concluding his remarks with “may God bless each of you.”

On June 8, Mark Rondeau, a legal representative for the school district, wrote to FFRF to report that Thexton had spoken with Friess, telling him that his religious comments were not in accordance with school policies. Friess assured the superintendent these comments would not be repeated.

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