School officials to be neutral (February 8, 2016)

The Morgan County Schools in Alabama have reminded a coach and a band director to keep state and church separate after FFRF stepped in with a written complaint.

A Danville High School student informed FFRF that, after the end of football games, the team’s coaches gathered the players together at the center of the field and led both teams in a Christian prayer. In addition, the drum major, on the instruction of the band director, led prayers at the halftime of each game and at practices.

“It is, of course, unconstitutional for public school athletic coaches or band directors to lead students in prayer, participate in student-led prayer, or instruct students to lead prayers,” wrote FFRF Staff Attorney Sam Grover in a letter to the district.

An attorney for the school district informed Grover by email on Feb. 8 that the coaches and band director had “been told of their obligations to remain neutral, including that they should not organize or direct students in prayer.”

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