School logo won’t be part of religious fliers (November 2023)

FFRF has made sure to keep Columbus County Schools in North Carolina free from constitutional violations.

FFRF heard from a district community member that the “Swap Keepers” and “East Columbus Education Foundation” was holding a “Night of Worship” at East Columbus Jr./Sr. High School in late September. The promotional flier included the school’s logo, giving the appearance of school promotion of the event.

FFRF sent an open records request to Superintendent Deanne Meadows to verify that the district was truly violating the law through sponsorship of a religious worship event.

In response, Meadows provided additional context, explaining that several parent groups in the area serve as “unofficial general support” for the school. “The publication referenced in your letter was created by a community member who did not receive permission to use the school name and logo,” Meadows wrote. FFRF has been informed that steps have been taken with the local groups to ensure that the school’s images and logos are not used in the printed materials.

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