School admits Christian fliers out of line (Sept. 16, 2011)

FFRF Staff Attorney Stephanie Schmitt sent a Sept. 13 letter of complaint on behalf of a parent in the Huntington Independent School District in Huntington, Texas, to object to school officials coordinating with Salem Missionary Baptist Church to send home fliers for a Christian “youth rally” Aug. 27.

The flier asked, “Do you want God to set a fire in your soul?” The event included “Bible Study, Praise & Worship. Bible & change of clothes are only things needed!” The fliers were distributed by at least one teacher at Huntington Intermediate School, who apparently received the fliers and distribution instructions from the principal.

Superintendent Eric Wright responded Sept. 16, “it was an oversight as our policy clearly does not allow for the distribution of materials from unassociated third parties. I appreciate your concern and will ensure that our faculty and staff follow the attached policy in the future.”

Freedom From Religion Foundation