Restaurant Discontinues Illegal Church Bulletin Discount

A longtime FFRF member from Greensboro, N.C., alerted the Foundation to a state/church violation at Poblano’s Mexican Grill, a popular restaurant in the member’s city. The restaurant was offering a 15% discount to patrons that presented a “church bulletin” when dining. FFRF Staff Attorney Rebecca Kratz called the restaurant’s owner to inform him that the discount violated the federal Civil Rights Act and a Greensboro City Ordinance, both of which prohibit discrimination based on religion. He agreed to discontinue what Kratz, in a follow-up letter, called, “Poblano’s restrictive promotional practice [that] favors religious customers and denies customers who do not attend church, and nonbelievers the right to ‘full and equal’ enjoyment of Poblano’s” (June 11, 2009).

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