Religious signs removed from OK city property (February 28, 2023)

FFRF successfully persuaded Lawton, Okla., to remove several disrespectful religious displays from city property.

A local atheist veteran notified FFRF of the unconstitutional displays, which included a sign on the information desk of City Hall that read “One died for your soul and the other died for your freedom” picturing a soldier and a Latin cross.

FFRF asked for the displays to be removed, noting they violate the constitutional separation between state and church, as well as to respect the religious and nonreligious diversity of Lawton’s residents, including its veterans.

FFRF received a positive reply from City Attorney John Ratliff shortly after it expressed concern.

“Upon receipt of your letter, the religious signage was immediately removed from City Hall and city property,” Ratliff wrote. “The city of Lawton greatly respects the religious diversity of its residents, including its veterans.”


Freedom From Religion Foundation