Religious promotion ends at Georgia school (November 20, 2018)

Religious promotion in a Georgia school will cease, thanks to a letter from FFRF.

A local resident alerted FFRF to the fact that Providence Elementary School in Gainesville, Ga., was promoting on the school’s official Facebook page a church service and a “prayer walk” hosted by the church.

FFRF Legal Fellow Chris Line wrote to the district to ensure it remove such social media posts and refrains from promoting any future religious events.

“It is illegal and inappropriate for Carroll County Schools, and Providence Elementary School in particular, to create an event on Facebook for a worship service and an accompanying prayer event,” Line wrote in his letter to the district’s legal representation. “To do so shows that the district is ‘appear[ing] to take a position on questions of religious belief.’”

The district’s attorney responded with assurances that the posts have been removed from the school’s official Facebook page and the administration has reviewed with their staff the obligation to avoid any appearance of public school endorsement of or participation in religious events.

Freedom From Religion Foundation