Religious poster becomes picture thing of the past (February 21, 2014)

FFRF was informed that a classroom in Bernard Campbell Middle School in Lee’s Summit Mo., displayed a religious poster prominently on the wall facing the students. The poster read, “Blessed are the people who know the joyful Sound! They walk, O Lord, in the light of your countenance. Psalm 89:15.”

FFRF Staff Attorney Patrick Elliott sent a letter to Superintendent Dr. David McGehee on Feb. 20, explaining why advancing, preferring, and promoting religion in the classroom is divisive and unconstitutional.

“When a schoolteacher places religious posters in the classroom, she unconstitutionally entangles the school with a religious message. It is also a usurpation of parental authority — parents have the right to direct the religious, or non-religious, upbringing of their children.”

The Lee’s Summit K-7 School District district contacted FFRF on Feb. 21 reporting that the poster had been permanently removed from the classroom.

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