Religious Literature Removed from Highway Rest Stop

An FFRF member was dismayed at the displaying of religious materials at a public rest area in Portage, Wis. One publication entitled “The Law of Liberty” discussed “God’s law,” the Ten Commandments and biblical verses. In a letter of complaint to the state Secretary of the Department of Transportation, the Foundation wrote: “The availability of Christian literature alongside maps and other publications provided by the government, could lead a reasonable observer to conclude that the government is endorsing religion. To avoid further confusion, the Wisconsin Department of Transportation should remove any and all religious literature displayed and set out for taking in publicly owned and operated rest areas” (April 21, 2009). The Director of the Bureau of Highway Operations wrote in response: “The literature you described has not been approved for distribution in the location where it was available and has been removed . . . Please be assured that the literature does not reflect any official position of the State of Wisconsin and appears to have been inappropriately placed in the facility by a third party” (May 1, 2009).

Freedom From Religion Foundation