Religious language revamped on field trip form (May 13, 2019)

Dodgeland School District has revamped its field trip form and policies after FFRF alerted officials to religious language.

A concerned community member contacted FFRF to report that students and parents were asked to sign a religious statement in a list of rules related to Dodgeland Middle School’s field trip to Washington, D.C., in mid-April. The only rule written in bold and italicized text stated, “REMEMBER AT ALL TIMES, AND IN ALL PLACES THAT YOU ARE REPRESENTING OUR GOD AND SAVIOR . . .” The district reportedly required students and parents to sign this document.

FFRF Staff Attorney Ryan Jayne wrote to district Superintendent Annette Thompson.

The Dodgeland School District has acknowledged its lapse and pledged to FFRF that a principal or an associate principal will review such documents from now on. It has also promised to draw up a new form that will not have any religious references.


Freedom From Religion Foundation