Religious language removed from website (October 1, 2021)

A teacher is no longer spreading religious messaging after a concerned citizen reported to FFRF that a Kansas City School District employee had posted her biography, which included a “Spirit Walk” section and “Wants God to receive the glory for every success and triumph,” on the district website.

In a letter written by Legal Fellow Joseph McDonald, FFRF asked that these specific posts be taken down, as they could create the impression of endorsement of religion.

McDonald went on to say “We understand, of course, that the district cannot monitor every statement made by employees. But we do ask that it take the appropriate steps to ensure that employees are made aware of their constitutional obligation to remain neutral toward religion while acting in their official capacity.”

The response came from Kelly Wachel, chief marketing and communications officer of Kansas City Public Schools, who informed FFRF that the religious language was taken down and steps had been taken to avoid it in the future.

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