Religious ‘influencer’ violated school policy (February 21, 2023)

The Clayton County Public Schools in Jonesboro, Ga., properly addressed concerns raised by FFRF regarding a religious speaker proselytizing high school students.

FFRF was informed that, on Jan. 5, “social media influencer” Victoria Rose Waldrip, known online as “Woah Vicky,” was invited to speak to the Jonesboro High School girls basketball team. Reportedly, Waldrip’s speech included promotion of her church, disparaging remarks about the LGBTQ+ community and urging the students to save themselves for marriage. Additionally, Waldrip reportedly spread misinformation involving gay preachers and that molestation caused individuals to “turn gay.”

“We don’t know who was involved in bringing in this religious speaker, but we understand that several of the students involved in this incident have expressed their outrage that it was allowed to occur,” FFRF Staff Attorney Chris Line wrote to Interim Superintendent Anthony Smith.

FFRF received a response from Smith in late February indicating an investigation was conducted, and Waldrip’s comments were verified to violate the Clayton County Board Policy. “Accordingly, appropriate disciplinary and/or remedial action(s) have been identified,” Smith responded.


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