Religious conversion attempts ended in Georgia (November 2, 2022)

FFRF took action against frequent unconstitutional religious proselytization at Richards Middle School in Suwanee, Ga.

A concerned resident of Gwinnett County contacted FFRF in regard to a teacher abusing their position to attempt to convert students to their personal religion.

“[The teacher] cannot be allowed to lead or participate in any religious clubs in the district, and must immediately cease [their] efforts to convert students,” FFRF Staff Attorney Chris Line wrote in a letter to Superintendent Calvin Watts.

FFRF received a written response from the law offices of Thompson, Sweeny, Kinsinger & Pereira P.C., representing the Gwinnett County Board of Education and Gwinnett County School District. The law offices confirmed that action had been taken, stating, “My client investigated the allegations and took corrective action to ensure compliance with Gwinnett County Board of Education policy, applicable federal statutes, and constitutional principles.”


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