Pregame prayer canceled at Indiana school (March 2024)

FFRF reached out to Crothersville Community Schools in Indiana to warn against the district scheduling pregame prayers before girls basketball games. A community member reported that Crothersville Jr./Sr. High School regularly scheduled prayers at athletic events. Reportedly, at the Jan. 9 Crothersville Jr./Sr. High School Girls’ basketball game, the official announcer delivered a Christian prayer over the PA system immediately following the national anthem. The complainant additionally stated that school-sponsored prayers have regularly been a part of athletic events since at least 2020. “The district must investigate this situation and ensure that Crothersville Jr./ Sr. High School ceases scheduling prayer at school-sponsored events,” FFRF Legal Fellow Sammi Lawrence wrote to Superintendent Chrystal Street. In response, Street emailed FFRF, writing, “We have received your letter. We are no longer doing prayer at school events.”

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