Praying football coach steps down in Florida (December 2023)

The head football coach of Duval County Public Schools’ Andrew Jackson High School in Florida stepped down after FFRF urged the district to take action following reports of multiple religious injections into the football team. Reportedly, the coach leads the team in prayer, as well as allowing an outside individual to act as a team chaplain. Additionally, the former head coach and current athletic director gave a speech to students regarding a Latin cross he was given by a priest before asking students to wipe their sweat onto the cross. FFRF Staff Attorney Chris Line contacted Superintendent Diane Greene, who then informed FFRF that the coach had received coaching/counseling. The district athletic director reviewed “School Board Policy 10.40 — Religious Expression in Public Schools” with all school-based athletic directors during their October meeting. Since the completion of the investigation, the coach has resigned.

Freedom From Religion Foundation