Ohio district’s team chaplain, prayer ended (October 24, 2016)

An Ohio school district won’t be promoting religion through its coaching staff after FFRF got involved.

A concerned parent notified FFRF that either a coach or a team chaplain had led some of the Warren Local Middle School and High School athletic teams in prayer prior to games. In a letter to the school district, FFRF Managing Staff Attorney Rebecca Markert informed Superintendent Kyle Newton that it is unconstitutional for public school employees, such as coaches, to participate in the religious activities of their students.

Markert also informed Newton that having a spiritual leader for the football team is unconstitutional.

Newton responded in a letter on Oct. 24 informing FFRF that he would instruct the district’s coaches that they are not allowed to participate in team prayer or to permit a chaplain or other nonstudents to lead the district’s athletic teams in prayer.

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