No more faculty praying at flagpole (October 9, 2018)

An Illinois public school superintendent initiated an investigation into FFRF’s complaint of teacher involvement in a rally around the pole event.

A concerned FFRF member reported that a teacher at Carterville Junior High School posted a picture on social media of students and faculty praying around the school’s flagpole, along with the statement: “Our first #syatp and kickoff event of our FCA chapter at Carterville Junior High School was a HUGE success! . . . #blessed #fca #stumin.”

FFRF Staff Attorney Ryan Jayne sent a letter reminding the district of its constitutional obligation to remain neutral on matters of religion.

Carterville CUSD #5 Superintendent Keith A. Liddell sent a response letter, thanking FFRF for bringing the matter to his attention and assuring FFRF that the Carterville School District, like FFRF, “takes the freedoms empowered by the First Amendment very seriously.”

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