New administration ensures separation of church and state in Ga. school district (Nov. 20, 2014)

The new administration of Worth County Schools in Sylvester, Ga., will there’s no repeat of a religious assembly condoned by the previous administrators.

Staff Attorney Andrew Seidel wrote Superintendent Barbara Thomas on Jan 30, 2013, after receiving a complaint that an assembly included the principal prompting a student to lead a prayer followed by a speech by a pastor who talked to students about “finding Jesus Christ.”

After unproductive correspondence with Dr. Thomas, who stated that “it was the consensus of the Board [of Education] that no one’s rights would be infringed” by the imposition of religion at the assembly, a new superintendent responded to FFRF’s complaint on Nov. 20. She stated that she could not confirm that the assembly had occurred, but that she was “most concerned about this incident,” and that she discussed it with the district’s principals and gave them guidelines about religion in public schools.

Freedom From Religion Foundation