Minn. baccalaureate gets the boot (July 29, 2015)

Kingsland High School in Spring Valley, Minn., will no longer host a baccalaureate service after getting a complaint letter from Staff Attorney Patrick Elliott. “Given the blatant school endorsement of this event, we ask that you take measures to cease any school involvement in baccalaureate services going forward.”

A staff member, when asked whether the school had collected rent, said, “The baccalaureate is considered a school event. Being a school event, there was no charge for the space.”
Superintendent John McDonald replied July 29, stating that the district has a facility use policy and that he would ensure that it is being followed. He said he would also advise event organizers to “revise their program so that a reasonable observer would not conclude that the service is school-sponsored.”

Freedom From Religion Foundation