Michigan city removes ‘Faith’ from website

The city of Grandville, Mich., removed religious language from its official city website after receiving a complaint from FFRF. The website included a list of community values adopted in June of 2000, including “Faith, being guided by a strong religious heritage.”

“Incorporating a proclamation of shared religious belief into the values of a municipality is inappropriate,” wrote Senior Staff Attorney Rebecca Markert in her letter of March 11, 2011. “It is also inappropriate to display this value on the city’s website. By implying that belonging to the Grandville community requires adherence to ‘religious heritage’ and valuing ‘faith,’ Grandville is compromising the First Amendment rights of its citizens.”

Mayor James R. Buck responded on May 4, “As of the date of this letter the City of Grandville has complied with your request and the City’s website no longer contains a page listing the community values including one referencing faith.” — Eleanor Wroblewski

Freedom From Religion Foundation