Meals on Wheels tells proselytizer to stop (January 26, 2016)

FFRF was able to stop an employee of Meals on Wheels from proselytizing, which then prompted a permanent policy of non-proselytization for California’s Contra Costa County division of the group.

FFRF Legal Fellow Ryan Jayne wrote to the organization’s CEO on Jan. 19 to report a Meals on Wheels employee who “aggressively promotes religion while in [a] recipient’s home, despite being repeatedly asked to stop because the recipient is not religious.”

Jayne pointed out that Meals on Wheels receives federal funding, which means it is subject to regulations prohibiting “inherently religious activities, such as . . . proselytization.” Jayne also pointed out that program recipients “are in a vulnerable position and should not be forced to endure religious proselytizing in order to receive benefits.”

Meals on Wheels CEO Elaine Clark called FFRF on Jan. 26 and said she was supportive of FFRF’s concerns and that proselytizing is very much against the group’s policy. Clark placed a disciplinary note in the employee’s file, and pledged to fire her if she continued to proselytize. In addition, after noticing that the handbook given to drivers doesn’t specifically address proselytizing, Clark said she would update it right away.

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