Louisiana sheriff removes commandments display (July 23, 2018)

A resident of Washington Parish, La., contacted FFRF to report an unconstitutional Ten Commandments display in the Sheriff’s Office. The Sheriff’s Office reportedly displayed the commandments on two, hand carved wooden tablets in the waiting area. On Jan. 22, FFRF Senior Counsel Patrick C. Elliott wrote to a representative for the Washington Parish Sheriff’s Office, Rachel Catalanotto, pointing out that Ten Commandments displays violate the Establishment Clause, and that by placing the display in its office, the Washington Parish is unmistakably issuing an endorsement of religion. FFRF requested the Sheriff’s Office remove the display.

On July 23, after FFRF sent several follow-up letters, Catalinotto called FFRF and said, “I’m sure your concerned local complainant informed you that the Ten Commandments have been removed.”

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