License plate denial overturned (October 19, 2016)

A short-lived battle over the denial of a license plate has ended successfully for FFRF member Jeff Prebeg of Pennsylvania.

Prebeg wanted one of three license plates: ATHE1ST, NO GOD or N0 G0D. All three of these plates were available, according to the Pennsylvania Bureau of Motor Vehicles’ personalized registration plate availability website. However, Prebeg received an Oct. 11 letter stating, “We are unable to process your application because the department reserves the right to deny issuance to any requested personalized plate.” Under the enclosures line, it read, “DENIED . . . ATHE1ST, NO GOD, N0 G0D.”

FFRF Staff Attorney Andrew Seidel got involved and sent a letter to Pennsylvania Transportation Secretary Leslie Richards. But before Richards had even responded to Seidel’s letter, Prebeg found out his first choice for a license plate was approved.

He had heard from TribLive reporter Natasha Lindstrom, who was working with Prebeg on the story. She had contacted the PennDOT to inquire about why Prebeg was turned down. “They told her that it was an employee error and that they’ve tried calling me and are sending me a letter to tell me they will issue ATHE1ST to me,” Prebeg wrote in his blog.

Then he got the official word it had been accepted. “Scott from PennDOT wished to inform me that they noticed I requested a vanity plate, and that after an ‘internal review,’ they deemed it was denied in error and that my plate would be issued,” Prebeg wrote.

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