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FFRF stops prayers at Oklahoma school district (April 2024)

FFRF stepped in to keep Depew, Okla., school students from having prayer imposed on them at a Christmas play by school staff in the future.

A concerned Depew Elementary School parent reported that on Dec. 14, a local preacher was allowed to lead students and parents in a Christian prayer both before and after the school’s Christmas play.

FFRF Staff Attorney Chris Line wrote to Superintendent Leon Hiett pointing out the constitutional violation.

FFRF received an email from the district’s legal counsel, Ryan K. Drummond. “After receiving your letter, the district investigated this matter and discovered that a preacher did give a prayer at the beginning and end of this year’s Christmas program,” Drummond wrote.

Hiett informed the legal counsel that he spoke with administrators about the situation. Hiett had assured Drummond that such an offense would not happen again.