Indiana agrees to abide by the Constitution (June 29, 2012)

According to the event calendar on their website, the Indiana Dunes State Park was hosting and appeared to be co-sponsoring “Running with the Irish 5k.” The event was advertised as “co-sponsored by St. Patrick’s Church” with the proceeds benefitting St. Patrick’s Catholic School.

FFRF staff attorney Stephanie Schmitt wrote on March 15, 2012, “It is unconstitutional for a state park to co-sponsor a religious event benefitting a religious school.” She also pointed out “apparently co-sponsoring an event with a church to benefit a Catholic school constitutes a government endorsement of religion and alienates those Indiana residents who are not Catholic and who are non-religious.”

A June 29 response confirmed that while the flyer mistakenly stated that the event was co-sponsored, the Division of State Parks did not sponsor the Catholic event, and the church was required to obtain a special event permit to use the park.

Freedom From Religion Foundation