High School graduation ceremony won’t have Christian prayers (June 6, 2018)

FFRF’s objection to an Illinois high school’s religious graduation ceremony has made certain that there won’t be any further imposition of religion in the district.

A concerned community member contacted FFRF to report that the Brimfield High School graduation ceremony on May 20 included two separate Christian prayers. A copy of the ceremony’s written program includes both an “invocation” and “benediction.” Students were reportedly told to vote on whether there would be a prayer, then administrative staff instructed the valedictorians to select who among them would deliver the prayers during the ceremony.

FFRF Staff Attorney Ryan Jayne wrote to Brimfield CUSD #309 Superintendent Robert Richardson, outlining why the imposition of religion was unconstitutional. The school district was convinced by Jayne’s arguments.

“Brimfield CUSD #309 confirms to you that there will not be scheduled or approved prayer at district-sponsored events,” Richardson recently emailed the state/church watchdog.

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