Ga. district won’t allow promotion of religion (January 24, 2022)

A school district in Georgia has stopped basketball coaches at Northwest Whitfield High School from letting outside adults proselytize students.

After a community member raised concerns with FFRF about this promotion of religion in the high school’s girls’ basketball program, FFRF Attorney Chris Line wrote a letter to Superintendent Mike Ewton, informing him that “This conduct raises serious concerns that Northwest Whitfield High School coaches are proselytizing and promoting their religion to students, both through outside religious leaders and directly to students.”

Newton was asked to investigate the complaint and take immediate action to ensure that its athletic programs are not being used to proselytize and promote religion in violation of students’ constitutional rights

Ewton responded to FFRF’s request and said the school has addressed the situation with the employees involved. The principal also met with all other coaches at the school as well as the FCA coordinator and reminded them of appropriate procedures.

Freedom From Religion Foundation