Filer School District in Idaho will not allow Gideons to distribute Bibles (January 8, 2019)

The infamous bible-distributing Gideons will not be allowed back in the Filer School District.

FFRF received a complaint that Gideons International, an organization whose mission is to spread Christian doctrine, was allowed to distribute bibles to students at Filer Intermediate School in November. The school also reportedly made a school-wide announcement over the PA system to promote distribution.

FFRF Associate Counsel Elizabeth Cavell sent a letter to Superintendent John Graham, alerting him to the situation. Cavell reminded the district of its constitutional obligation to remain neutral on matters of religion and to protect both its students’ and parents’ rights of conscience from religious proselytization on school property.

The superintendent has spoken with the staff at Filer Intermediate School and ensured that they would not allow the Gideons back on school property.

Freedom From Religion Foundation